Beacon Rock Advisors

Professional Services

Underwriting (single asset and portfolios)

  • Determine supportable leverage or acquisition pricing, structure and credit enhancements
  • Examine historical cash flows, ARGUS analysis and proforma underwriting
  • Lease reviews, rollover and TI/LC analysis
  • Negotiate release parameters for earn-outs, holdbacks, reserves
  • Perform site inspection, collect market data, analyze comparables
  • Critically review third party reports
  • Develop strengths/weaknesses and mitigants to risk
  • Present to credit committee and execute closing process

Asset Management – Oversight, Surveillance and Workouts

  • Servicing Support – Inspections, operating statement/rent roll analysis, transfers/assumptions, extension, restructuring and modification expertise to enhance value and exit strategy
  • Due Diligence – File and data audit, trend analysis, lease abstracts & estoppel review, holdback funding analysis/recommendations
  • Collateral Review – Assessment with inspection, operating statement, lease, tenant, borrower, market and line item submarket comparable analysis, default risk exposure, implementation of proactive asset management strategy
  • Loan Workouts – Negotiate with borrowers to obtain the most favorable terms to minimize future credit risks and maximize potential cash flows
  • Equity Management – Preparation of annual asset business plans including valuation and hold/sell analysis.  Develop, refine and implement asset strategies in order to maximize property value and marketability.  Enhance value through creative marketing, asset positioning and/or capital renovation.

B-Piece Investor Advisory Services

  • Review/confirm loan documents, credit file and third party reports
  • Perform market analysis, broker interviews and site inspections
  • Analyze historical cash flows and re-underwrite
  • Examine loan structure, credit enhancements and release provisions
  • Complete and present client analytical models and asset summaries

Asset and Whole Loan Acquisition/Disposition Consulting

  • Team up the appropriate players and realistically assess opportunities
  • Evaluate and prepare bids on behalf of a client base of qualified investors
  • Comprehensive due diligence including collateral and market investigation, lease reviews and cash flow analysis to determine risk/reward