Beacon Rock Advisors

About Beacon Rock Advisors

The Inukshuk:

Our logo is a beacon, a guidepost, a welcome sight. It symbolizes: “I’ve been here before; I’m on the right path”. Beacon Rock Advisors’ reliability and versatility places you on the right path to:

  • Comprehensive, value-added expertise in all commercial real estate disciplines
  • Precise analysis and excellence in execution
  • Consistent on-time deliverables

The Beacon Rock Corporate Culture & Philosophy:

  • Dedicated, determined, dependable teammates committed to uphold the highest standards of excellence, consistency and integrity
  • Proactive, purposeful and efficient work ethic translating into seamless and flawless executions. Process and perspective supported by staff having local market knowledge and sector-specific expertise
  • Customized client solutions focused on objectives, issues, options and recommendations.  Reputation built on relentless attention to detail.